Invisalign 3 Part Master Course

Invisalign has become one of the hottest trends in orthodontics.  Gone are the days when the only option for treatment was metal brackets and wires.  Orthodontists now can offer patients clear and ceramic braces and clear aligners.  Invisalign did not invent clear aligners but they were the first to introduce it to treat difficult cases that were previously limited to treatment with braces.  Invisalign started in the late 90’s by two entrepreneurs in California.   When it first came out, the orthodontists that tried it became highly disappointed with their results because their cases were not finished as well as their cases with braces.  Over the years, Invisalign continued to work with engineers and orthodontists on their technology and development.  As of today, their product is giving orthodontists what they initially desired and assisting them to help deliver excellent treatment outcomes.

Invisalign is offered by many different levels of skilled practitioners.  Invisalign is a tool we can use to straighten teeth however, the result is designed by the practitioner that prescribes it, not Invisalign.  In order to for me to offer Invisalign to my patients to give them the results we both desired, I decided to take all courses offered by Invisalign in the past as well as currently.  Recently, I finished the Invisalign master course.  This is the most advanced course offered by Invisalign.  It consisted of a series of 3 classes given to a small group of orthodontists to treat complex cases to achieve amazing outcomes.  Our instructor, Dr. Barry Glaser, is one of the best Invisalign providers in the country and we had an opportunity to learn from him.  I have to say that this was one of the best continuing education cases I have taken in years.  We learned a more in depth approach to design treatment mechanics as well new future capabilities of Invisalign.   We learned how to avoid common mistakes and well as even treating surgical cases with Invisalign.  As I have taken more courses and treated more case over the years, my patient results have become better than ever.  I have even noticed that treatment times decreased.  Like everything else in orthodontics, Invisalign is constantly changing…..for the better.


Dr. Kristin Moore